Running Backs

First and 10 at the 27-yard line. The lone running back lines up behind the signal-caller and surveys the defense. The middle linebacker shouts instructions and points toward the rusher. The signal is called and the ball is snapped flawlessly.

The right guard pulls back and heads left as the quarterback falls back and pushes the ball into the back's hands. The back floats left as a hole opens between the left tackle and guard.

The back sees the hole fill quickly with a 6'3" 245-pound linebacker. As the ball-carrier braces for contact, the right guard pulls into the hole and levels the linebacker in question.

The running back bursts through the hole opened by his guard and hits second gear. He jukes the incoming strong safety, stiff-arms the middle linebackers and burst into the open field. He hits the 50 yard line...the 40...the 30...a corner is closing in from behind...the 20....the corner dives...the rusher high-steps out of the tackle...the 10....TOUCHDOWN!

Nothing is more exciting than a running back breaking free and taking it to the house.
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